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An occasional publication from Sherkin Comment. A 32-page tabloid newspaper on Canada's East Coast fisheries problems in 1995. Matt Murphy visited Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Canada, in April 1995. The visit was prompted by the Canadian/Spanish fishing dispute over turbot in Spring 1995. The publication's importance is summed up in a letter from Mr. Joe McGough, formerly the Director of Communications, Scotia-Fundy Region, Fisheries and Oceans, Canada:


30th May 1995

Dear Matt,

This is to congratulate you on the Fishing Update dealing with Canada's Atlantic fisheries crisis and the turbot dispute.

No one in Canada has done anywhere near as fine a job on this complex subject. In a short time, you have researched all the major dimensions, crystallized the key points, made everything highly readable, and pointed the way to better future directions.

We are making wide distribution of your update to opinion leaders, where it can only be good.

Yours truly,



Joseph Gough
Director of Communications
Scotia-Fundy Region


Price: €2.00 (includes surface p&p)


Index of Fishing Update

Brian Tobin should have been tougher

Blood on all our hands

The Grand Banks - The Jewel

The Atlantic Canada Fishery Crisis

The Damning Evidence of Overfishing

"The vacuum cleaners of the sea" - The beginning of the problem.

Co-operation and Conservation

You have to be an optimist to live in Newfoundland

A Scientist’s View of the Canadian Groundfish Disaster

The Irish Problem in St. Brendan’s

The Fisherwoman of the St. Brendan’s

The Agony of Layoff


The "Estai" Saga

Spain - Last of the Colonists

A Death of a Fishery

Is Arresting a Criminal Considered Kidnapping?

Problems for Processors

The Dawning of a New Era

Can the Toothless Tiger Call a Moratorium on Turbot?

Dirty Laundry

E.U. Commissioner Emma Bonino in New York

Ministers fail to take hard decisions

Keats Questions the Scientists

The Final Nail in the Coffin

A Famine of Biblical Scale

Time to Focus on Fishery Future

Fr. Des the Legend

Time to be nice to the Fiddler

Canadian Fisheries Management

The greatest crisis in our history young men and women are leaving

The dilemma for the future of Canada’s coastal communities

Can Ireland learn from Canada’s Mismanagement of its fish…?

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