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**2018 RESULTS**

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Cork City Council
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Geological Survey of Ireland


Inland Fisheries Ireland


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Sherkin Comment


*2018 RESULTS*


"Focus on the Environment"


Environmental Competition
for Primary School Children
in Munster 2018



Matt's Letter

This is the twenty-first year of Sherkin Island Marine Station's environmental competition for primary school children in Munster. The entries we receive year after year continue to enthrall us and we really appreciate the effort put into them. This year we would love if you could focus on your environment once again and send us your thoughts on why it is so important to you.

Our environment is precious to all of us but with all the waste we produce everyday, it is in danger of being damaged. Your help is needed to come up with ideas on how to protect the environment so we can safeguard it for years to come. While some may want to draw attention to pollution, blue flag beaches or encourage recycling, creatures such as butterflies or mammals may fascinate others. Whatever is important to you, we would love to hear about it, whether in the form of a picture or project.

We are particularly impressed by entries that include your own thoughts, ideas and drawings.

Without the continued support of our sponsors, for which we are very grateful, this competition would not be possible. Over 400 prizes have been specially chosen to help you continue your study of nature and the environment, build up your knowledge and explore even more.

Please continue looking after your environment and keep sending us your wonderful work. We hope that you enjoy working on them as much as we enjoy receiving them.

Matt Murphy
Sherkin Island Marine Station

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1) Class or School


2) An Individual Child

a) Junior & Senior Infants
b) 1st & 2nd Class
c) 3rd & 4th Class
d) 5th & 6th Class


1) Class or School:

Entries in this category are asked for a poster or project
on the theme:

"Our Favourite Place/Animal"


"Protecting Our Environment"

2) Individual Children:

Individual children in ALL classes are asked for a picture or project on the theme:

"My Favourite Place/Animal"


"Protecting Our Environment"

(Children with special needs are encouraged to enter.
Please indicate their special needs on the entry form.)

Entries do not have to be a specific size but please take into consideration that projects must be posted to Sherkin Island and must not be too large. Sherkin Island Marine Station cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to any work submitted.

If more than one individual is involved with a picture or project, this entry cannot be included in the “Individual Child” category and will be judged in the “Class or School” category. Entries are limited to one per child but a number of classes from one school may enter. Please ensure that the project category, name, age and school address are clearly marked and are securely attached to the back of each project, facing upwards. We will endeavour, but cannot guarantee, to return winning entries. Due to logistics, all other entries will not be returned.

This competition is only open to
primary school children in Munster.

Entries to be sent to: Environmental Competition,
Sherkin Island Marine Station, Sherkin Island, Co. Cork.

Closing Date: 5th July 2013

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  • Make your own folder from recycled materials.
  • Use staples instead of plastic folders.
  • Drawings or photographs help bring a written project to life.


  • An animal or plant you love.
  • A Blue Flag beach near you.
  • A river and its surroundings.
  • A garden you have planted.
  • Things you recycle.
  • What you don’t like about pollution.
  • A local hedgerow.
  • A study you carried out.
  • Types of waste we produce everyday.
  • Tell us what is good or bad about YOUR local environment....

We like:

  • Your own ideas.
  • Your own work.
  • Your own words.
  • Your own drawings.
  • Originality.

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Class/School projects:

12 prizes - each including:
Natural History Books: A collection for the school library
Five books: "An A to Z of Geology"
Three books: "A Beginner's Guide to Ireland's Wild Flowers"
Three books: "A Beginner's Guide to Ireland's Seashore"

8 prizes: Two books: "Planet Earth II" & "Ireland's Atlantic Shore"

20 Consolation Prizes: 5 sets of seven colouring & guide booklets: Birds, Wild Flowers, Sea Life, Fossils, Butterflies & Moths, Nature Diary & Creepy Crawlies.

ths, Creepy Crawlies, Nature Diary & Safety Sam

Individual Children's Projects:children's projects

12 prizes of: One book - “Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal!”

12 prizes of: One book - “Picture This”

24 prizes of: Two books - “Living in the Wild series” & One book “Nature School”

12 prizes of: One book - “Insects of Ireland”

76 prizes of: One book - “Power of Seasons”

76 prizes of: Two books - “Crocodile”
& “A Beginner’s Guide to Ireland’s Seashore”

76 prizes of: Two books - “Birds - A First Look at Animals" & "A to Z of Geology"

76 prizes of: One book - “Could a Penguin Ride a Bike?" & Three Colouring Books: (Creepy Crawlies, Butterlies & Moths, Wild Flowers)


The winners will be notified, through their school in early October 2018 and the prizes will be sent directly to the winning schools shortly afterwards. The decision of the judges will be final. No cash alternatives for prizes. Some entries may be published in Sherkin Comment or used for environmental displays or posters. Results will also be posted on our website.


Entries to be sent to:

Environmental Competition,

Sherkin Island Marine Station,

Sherkin Island, Co. Cork.

Closing date: 6th July 2018


Please attach an entry form
to the back of each entry.


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