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Focus on the Environment


Environmental Competition for Primary Schools
in Munster



with Audrey Murphy

Hi! Over the years I had a wonderful time meeting and talking to primary school children about our environment and the wonders of the seas around us. Because of your great interest in our natural world, I created this webpage so you can learn more about some fascinating animals and plants in the sea and around our coast. Just choose one of the pictures below. (These pages will take a little time to open as they contain photographs.)

I also set up a web-based newsletter called "Nature's Web". This is a new and exciting newsletter for children, featuring interesting and informative news on nature and the environment. To download a copy of the newsletter visit the website Nature's Web.


Marine Quiz
Here is your chance to see what you know about marine life.


Sherkin Island Marine Station holds an annual environmental competition for primary school children in Munster. Here are details of this year's competition.

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