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Answers to Marine Quiz

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1. The Sea and all that lives in it.

2. Spits out threads from inside its body.

3. sea urchin; tentacles; tentacles; sea urchin.

4. Feather Star; Common Starfish; Seven-legged Starfish; Cushion Star; Purple Starfish.

5. In a few months the starfish will grow a new leg.

6. Eight.

7. It squirts out something like ink.

8. No.

9. Soft.

10. animal; tentacles.

11. One foot.

12. Slower.

13. a. tentacles; b. jelly.

14. a. Lobster; b. Crayfish.

15. Tail.


16. Sideways.

17. Outside.

18. Hermit Crab.

19. The sea.

20. Jellyfish.

21. Plaice.

22. Yes.

23. Camouflage.

24. Eyes.

25. Mussels eat plankton; Starfish eat mussels; Seagulls eat fish; Anemones eat shrimp.

26. A seagull flies; A crab crawls; A jellyfish floats; A Seaslug slithers; A goby swims

27. c. Starfish - all the others have an outer skeleton.

28. The flatfish lives in the sand; the sea anemone lives on rocks; the hermit crab lives in a shell; the fish lives and hides in seaweed.

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