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Activity Book

 By Audrey Murphy & Susan Murphy Wickens


Sample page

Hi, my name is Safety Sam and I love to play, to swim, to help out on the farm and to go fishing. But to enjoy all these things I must be safe and well protected.

Sometimes we have to wear special gear to keep us safe and other times we must just be aware of the dangers around us. I always wear my lifejacket when I go out fishing with my Dad and when I help on the farm I always keep away from machinery and dangerous animals.

I am here to encourage you to think about safety in everything you do.

Work your way through the book and see how much you know about being safe.

ISBN:1 870492 47 ISBN-13: ISBN-13: 978-1-870492-47-8
(size 14.8 cm x 21 cm) 32 pages

Price: €1.95

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