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24th International Conference 2008

"Water: The Challenges for Users"


plus postage: Ireland - 2.60

(Please email for postage rate outside Ireland)


Welcoming Address
Mr Matt Murphy, Director, Sherkin Island Marine Station, Sherkin Island, Co. Cork.

Opening Address
Mr John Browne, TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

"Protecting Water Quality in the New York Water Supply"
Mr Dave S Warne1, Ms Kimberlee A Kane and Ms. Erika L Boetsch, 1Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Water Supply, NYC Department of Environmental Protection, NY, USA

"The Provision and Quality of Drinking Water in Ireland"
Mr. Gerard O'Leary, Programme Manager, Office of Environmental Enforcement, Environmental Protection Agency,
Johnstown Castle Estate, Wexford, Ireland

"The North American Sweetwater Seas - Seeking Sustainability"
Mr Michael Goffin, Regional Director, Strategic Integration and Partnerships Division, Environment Canada, Ontario, Canada

"The EU Water Framework Directive - A Land Use Decree"
Mr Seán Ó Breasail, Project Co-ordinator, South Western River Basin District, Cork, Ireland

"Diminishing Wetlands: A Recipe for Disaster?"
Mr David Collins and Eiluned Morgan, ELM Environment and Planning, 32 Hillside Meadow, Fordham, Ely, UK

"Extracting Water from Lakes and Rivers and its effect on their Ecology"
Dr Ciaran Byrne* & Dr Ciara O'Leary, *Director of Research and Development, Central Fisheries Board, Swords,
Co Dublin, Ireland

"The Challenges in Sourcing Drinking Water from the River Thames"
Mr Trevor Bishop, Head of Water Resource Management, The Environment Agency, UK

"Exploration of Groundwater Under Cork City for Heating and Other Uses"
Mr Michael O'Brien, ME, Chartered Engineer, Senior Engineer, Environment Directorate, Cork City Council,
Cork, Ireland

"The Long Island Sound: Reversing the Eutrophication of America's Urban Sea"
Mr Mark Tedesco, US Environmental Protection Agency, Long Island Sound Office, Stamford, CT, USA

"Management of Leachate from Landfills"
Mr Billy Moore, BE, MSc, MBA, Environmental Consultant, Ireland

"Designated Areas for Shellfish: The Challenges for Local Authorities"
Mr Richie Flynn, Executive Secretary, IFA Aquaculture, Ireland Farm Centre, Bluebell, Dublin, Ireland

"Drinking Water Challenges in Continental Europe"
Dr Adriana Hulsmann, Principal Scientific Officer, Kwia Water Research, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Speakers' CVs & Abstracts

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