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1st International Conference 1985

"Ireland - the Atlantic - Exploitation of its Resources."


plus postage: Ireland - 2.60

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Welcome Address
Mr. Matt Murphy, Director, Sherkin Island Marine Station

Official Opening
Mr. P. O'Toole, T.D., Minister for Fisheries & Forestry, Dublin, Ireland.

"Canada & the North West Atlantic Fisheries"
Dr. Arthur May, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Ottawa, Canada.

Mr. Eamonn Gallagher,

"The Fishing Industry - A Strategy for Development"
Mr. John Healy, Coras Trachtala, Dublin, Ireland.

"Scientific Management and the Economics of the Faroese Fisheries"
Mr. Kjartan Hoydal, Director of Fisheries, Torshavn, Faroe Islands.

"The Biological Basis of Fisheries Management - Future Scope for Action"
Mr. David Griffith, Department of Fisheries and Forestry, Fisheries Research Centre, Abbotstown, Dublin, Ireland.

"Potential of the Sea Bed"
Mr. Ray Keary, Geological Survey Office, Dublin, Ireland.

"Norwegian Fish Farming Industry - Its Development and Future"
Mr. Odd Berg, Olav Tryggvasonsgt (Fish Farmers Sales Organisation of Norway), Tronheim, Norway.

"Icelandic Fishing Industry - Its Structure Management & Funding"
Mr. Mar Elisson, The Fisheries Loan Fund of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland.

"Fisheries Management - An EEC Member State - An Economists Viewpoint"
Mr. Hans Frost, Danish Institute of Fisheries Economics Research, University of S. Jutland, Esberj, Denmark.

"Radical Thinking in the Irish Fishing Industry"
Mr. Joey Murrin, BIM - Irish Fisheries Board, Dublin, Ireland.

"NBST Viewpoint on National Marine Policy"
Mr. Neil Holman, National Board of Science and Technology, Dublin, Ireland.

"Ireland - The Way Ahead - Overview of the Conference"
Mr. Fergus Cahill, Irish Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Dublin, Ireland.

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