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Colouring & Guide Book

 Text & Drawings by Audrey Murphy


Sample page

This colouring book includes a few of the more popular butterflies and moths that can be found in Ireland throughout the year. Colouring each one and reading the short descriptions will help you identify some of the more common species. The introduction to this book will also help you understand more about these beautiful insects.
Sometimes the male and female are different colours so we have indicated which one we have included for each species. We have shown you the upper surface of each butterfly or moth as it can be seen when it is flying. When they are resting their wings are often closed, hiding much of the colour. We have also included the English, Latin (scientific name) and Irish name where possible.

ISBN:1 870492 92 7 (size 14.8 cm x 21 cm) 32 pages

Price: 1.95

(plus postage: Ireland - 1.00; UK & Europe - 1.50;
Rest of the World - 1.50)


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