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The Genus Alexandrium Halim (Dinoflagellata)

by Professor Enrique Balech

The dinoflagellate genus Alexandrium was originally described as only one species from Alexandria Harbour, Egypt. Since then, because of the interest in the tamarensis group of Gonyaulax, more species are being described or transferred to Alexandrium. The tamarensis group has contained many of the PSP-causing plankton species. The genus now has about 30 recognized species.

In this monograph, Dr. Balech presents an historical discussion, details conservative characters for taxonomy of the group, details each species, and discusses the relationship with some other genera. Professor Balech based his study on specimens from the type location of the type species, whenever possible, and many other geographic areas.

ISBN: 1 870492 61 7 (151 pages) - Hardback only

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