A long time, domestic oil pipeline construction to be savage or man-made destruction are nothing to steal. Recently, such events, frequently played: May 2, located in Industrial Park, Jiulong Town, Jiaozhou City, Shandong section of the crude oil transportation pipeline in a construction unit due to damage to occur; May 4, Sinopec in south China branch in Chuxiong City pipeline construction operations by a construction company Waduan leak. Related to that, oil and gas pipeline safety are under serious threat, "Oil and Gas Pipeline Protection Act" is necessary as soon as possible. Safety supervision department of the expert analysis, Shandong Jiaozhou pipe rupture accident revealed two issues: first, by building the pipeline laying tie up after the phenomenon, reflecting the long-standing neglect of pipeline safety management departments; followed and construction units lack the necessary communication and coordination, weak legal consciousness. Experts pointed out that fake rolex and gas pipelines protection regulations," the 15th article clearly forbids any units and individuals engaged in activities endangering the safety of pipeline facilities, prohibiting both sides of the centerline of a pipeline within 5 meters dug, dig ponds to breed, corrosive emissions materials, piling up bulk goods, such as the fake rolex for sale construction of buildings. This accident just a reflection of inadequate pipeline has a side protection measures, there exists a blank, so that the responsible party becomes unimpeded barbaric construction.Cao revealed that the State Council Legal Office of the Director, the four reasons why the oil and gas pipelines protection must be to speed up legislation: At present, many of those years away from the urban and rural residential areas of the pipeline has been surrounded by buildings, or even a large number of illegal tie up, urban development and Pipeline Protection contradiction between the acute and complex; drilling oil and gas theft is still rampant criminal activities such ebel discovery online as pipeline or gas pipeline in particular, the major targets of terrorist attacks; pipeline and there is a lot of cross-rail project, a conflict between the formation of very complex, and along the land or facility owners need to occur a large number of fake a lange sohne langematik perpetual legal relations in civil norms; international crude oil pipelines are built, and pipelines in national economic development, promote role of people's livelihood needs of specific legal norms. Daqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Blue Star Propaganda Minister Yang told reporters: "to maintain pipeline safety, establish a complete identification and thorough ground inspection system is very important." According to him, the company has more than 10 km pipeline, Considering the result of effective along the villages, farms, roads, other factors, plus the pipeline to identify more clearly, and attach importance to the daily monitoring along the way, it has no pipeline to be illegal infestation. In his view, the laws placed under the protection of pipelines, more conducive to safe operation of the multi-beneficial adjustments of the legal relationship. Insiders pointed out that in the new historical period, the pipeline design and layout should be higher and more detailed requirements, it is necessary to consider the residents, land, transportation, safety, environmental factors, but also key factors to consider urban sprawl. This is plausible is the national standard "pipeline engineering design." However, with a reasonable standard of design fake breitling for sale and layout, to ensure the safety of pipeline flow, the law must also be awesome escort. Petrochemical Transportation Co., Ltd. Xuzhou Kay vice president Lu Chuanwei that long domestic oil pipeline leakage incidents were frequently occur, because no laws, the implementation of all parts to a fine generation of law and law enforcement uneven , and the resulting pipeline has been broken repeatedly, especially condone illegal Oil Stolen rampant. In fact, China's legislative work is in full swing with. October 28th, 2009, the eleventh meeting of the Eleventh National People's Congress considered the "Oil and Gas Pipelines Protection Act," the draft. It is reported that the first draft law on the clear legislative purpose: "to protect oil and gas pipelines, protect the oil, natural gas transportation security and public safety, safeguard the national energy supply security."

Cao Kangtai said that the draft include: timely and effective prevention and treatment pipeline accidents; against all types of direct acts against pipeline; pipeline in different geographical areas on both sides of the centerline of the prohibition against engaging in the behavior of pipes; on Protection distance behavior may endanger the pipeline and other limits. Currently, the law promulgated as soon as possible, a common expectation of the industry. "Relevant laws and early introduction of the day, pipeline and petrochemical companies can benefit from as early as one day!" Lu rolex gmt master replicas Chuanwei points to everyone's feelings. The tag heuer replika e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as China Electric Multi Cooker , cheap waltham riverside maximus Automatic Bread Maker, and more. For more , please visit Room Humidifier today!